1Nerja is a cozy village located along the Spanish coast and has statistically among Europe's best climate. Nature consists of exciting mountain that cuts into the water. This creates many bays with sandy beaches protected for the best sun and bathing experience.

Among Europe's best climate

Unlike many exploited resorts with high-rise hotels, skyscrapers and nightclubs, Nerja is instead a genuine cozy feel with beautiful palm trees, house walls and flower groups. People live a traditional life, many of fishing. ItÕs not as touristic as the other major tourist cities. The population in Nerja perceived as extremely friendly and welcoming. They have often time for a little chat and do not stress throughout life. If you hear a car horn then itÕs more about to cheer for a friend than to rush in traffic.


45 minutes from Malaga Airport

From Malaga you can take a taxi, bus or rent a car. ItÕs recommended to rent a car for exploring the fantastic environment in and around Nerja. With the beach a few steps away you will find cozy pubs and restaurants and a mini-market. Larger purchases is a short trip to the supermarket which is just over 2 km away.


2Immaculate village

Many towns along the Costa del Sol are worn and over-exploited. Nerja has managed to retain the traditional culture and tranquility. As a tourist you can really be a tourist in a genuine village without the hotel complex and numerous vendors.
The buildings have obviously expanded, but even this is done in a traditional style with low houses to keep the city in a genuine, clean and tidy condition.




Balcony of Europe

For those who are interested in history, you can see the famous landmark "Balcony of Europe", a fortification from the Middle Ages. Nerja has been a resident of the Romans, Carthaginians, Moors, and Phoenicians. You can find traces of these everywhere in Nerja.

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The largest cave system in Europe can be found in Nerja. Here you will find the world's largest column, a total of about 700m but it still reveals more. With its impressive halls, join a tour of the 20 degrees warm caves (all year).


Nice village - all year!

The city is alive all year round thanks to its location and the constant crowd of tourists who want to discover this pearl. It also lives a large proportion residents here, which also contributes to the city is as pleasant to visit all year round.